Nutritional Expertise at Dietsure

Dietsure helps you make sense of your food. Like carrots, which help you see in the dark! Dietsure is a suite of web-based nutritional analysis tools to provide a quick and easy breakdown of foods, recipes and menus. Our service is ideal for:

  • qualified dietitians and nutritionists
  • individuals concerned about their diet
  • food producers, caterers and packaging companies
  • chefs, cooks and other recipe designers
  • schools, nursing homes and other menu providers
  • universities and colleges
  • doctors, sports professionals and personal trainers

Nutrition Systems

Dietsure is a product of Nutrition Systems, the creators of CompEat, the industry leading recipe and diet analysis software. Dietsure provides cost-effective, subscription based access to the CompEat analysis engine which has been leading the market for the last 25 years.

Dietsure for Schools

In order to assist schools with preparing healthy and nutritious menus for their children and to meet the new government guidelines, we have created Dietsure for Schools. This service is currently available and further details can be found at our For Schools site.

Upcoming Features

We are finalising work on the following features and they will be available over the coming months.

  • Individual Recipe Analysis
  • Individual Food Analysis
  • Full suite of subscriber tools